Participation in both local and A-Rated level competitions is available on a year round basis.  We offer coaching, training, schooling, trailering, horse show prep, and grooming to prepare our students and horses for any show.  Our goal is to make each rider show experience a positive, fun, educational one.  It is not just about ribbons to us- it is about education and enjoyment.  We develop personalized competition schedules for each rider that will prepare and train them properly.  

Rates: Local day shows
  • Coaching at show: $75.
  • Trailering: $1.65 per mile (round trip) $65 minimum
  • Groom/assistant at show:$20-$30 per rider
  • Training ride: $30 per class
   $80 for division (3 classes)
  (*4 classes per division! $105)
  • School horse lease for day $25.
  • Horse show prep (if student cannot do) $60.  Includes mane pull; trimming ears; muzzle; bridle path; and legs; thorough bathing.

Away shows (usually multi-day)
  • Please inquire for rate sheet 

2012 Show Schedule