Katy has been a professional trainer for 30 years.  She started riding at age 11, was managing, riding for, and teaching at a well known horse show facility by the age of 20, and has worked with numerous well known trainers throughout the years.  Even though she no longer competes herself, she showed both hunters and jumpers when younger.  Katy believes it is very important to continue to further her riding education, attending clinics with the industry's top professionals, as well as continuing to work closely with outstanding trainers.


Alex, now in her early 20's, climbed on her first pony at the tender age of 2.  Growing up on a horse farm as enabled her to acquire a wealth of knowledge in everything involving horses- from cleaning stalls to feeding and nutrition; from basic grooming to body clipping and horse show prep; from first aid to advanced medical care and management of the injured or sick horse; from riding and teaching to training and competing at the national level.

Alex was trained by her mom throughout her childhood, during which time she rode, trained, and showed numerous ponies.  In her early teens, with her passion for horses and goal of learning to be the best she could be, Alex pursued a higher level of training with George Morris' Hunterdon, Inc, where she worked and trained with Jeff Cook, George Morris, and Chris Kappler.  After several years of riding with these legendary horsemen, during which time Alex began competing at the national level, the era of the great "Hunterdon, Inc" came to a close, so in 2005 Alex joined Holly Mitten and Cindy Harrington of Attiva Farm- where she continues to this day.  Holly and Cindy are highly respected trainers who had been running Hunterdon in the absence of George Morris and Chris Kappler- who were touring in Europe in preparation for the Athens Olympics.  Alex not only enjoys working closely with these outstanding trainers, but has benefitted immensely from their expertise, extensive knowledge, and expert coaching.

Because of these many years of experience learning from the ground up, combined with many years of top quality training, Alex has developed into an extremely knowledgeable, well rounded horsewomen- experienced in all aspects of the horse business.